Training in the 21st Century

In our increasingly mobile society, organizations are faced with the need to make training accessible from virtually anywhere. The Mobile learning element of our Blended Learning program takes into account the mobility of learners and instructors by taking advantage of hand-held devices, such as Smartphones and tablets. We work with clients to identify the best information to include for mobile learning solutions and to create easy-to-follow, informative training segments that provide just-in-time information and “on-the-job” support for people on-the-go.

Mobile learning also plays a role in social, or informal learning within organizations, making it easy for people working from different locations to share knowledge. Social Learning, as part of a blended learning approach, uses social media technology, taking into account that adults learn through working together and sharing knowledge with each other.



Training in the 21st Century offers mobile and social learning as components of our blended learning approach through the use of:

  • Training segments that are designed for mobile applications
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Internal Blogs, Wikis and social media networks
  • Video Chats
  • Twitterchats
  • And others

We often add to this list to ensure that our clients’ training programs incorporate important new technologies to harness and expand social learning.

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