Training in the 21st Century

Computer-based training has proven to be a cost effective way to train large numbers of people with minimal time disruptions and maximized return on financial investment. No travel, no hotels, no unnecessary time away from work.

But traditional live (face-to-face) training sparks great ideas and strengthens personal connections—a benefit that is often missing from e-learning. Training in 3D environments puts the spark back into virtual training. It takes e-learning to the next level.

No wonder companies like IBM, Cisco, Intel, NASA, Lockheed Martin, etc., are using it. Your organization doesn’t have to be as large as these companies to realize the benefits from using 3D virtual spaces for training.

Training in the 21st Century™ helps your company evolve with a changing world.

What Does Virtual Space Training Offer?

  • A sense of being present with, and connected to, other people
  • Interactivity that makes training interesting, engaging and memorable
  • Remote role plays and simulations that enhance people’s ability to learn, practice and apply the new knowledge in real-life situations
  • The ability to create and present Incremental Learning programs based on learn-practice-apply for truly effective implementation.

We convert:

  • Existing curricula to training for interactive 3D sessions, role plays, and experiential and game-based exercises

We create:

  • Customized environments that replicate the workplace for simulations
  • Elaborate, intriguing environments that capture peoples interest while they engage in activities that apply new knowledge
  • Fun facilitated and self-paced serious business games that teach people important strategies, techniques and skills to improve their work performance.

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