Training in the 21st Century

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin


Mission: Empowering companies and individuals to evolve in synchrony with a changing world.


Training in the 21st Century™ brings together the knowledge and expertise needed, customized for each project. Working individually and in teams, we use our creativity, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to enhance the growth and development of our clients. We utilize tried and true training methodologies combined with new technologies to enable companies and individuals to evolve proactively with a changing world.


SlavaBlazerPhotography-web sized-1 cropped-borderedCarla Kincaid-Yoshikawa – Founder & Managing Director

Carla Kincaid-Yoshikawa is the founder of Training in the 21st Century™ and has worked as an Organization Development and Training Consultant for over 15 years. She has experience working with Fortune 500 companies and with organizations in the public and non-profit sectors.

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