Training in the 21st Century

Blended Virtual Solutions to Enhance Training and Learning

The creation of the blackboard (or chalkboard) in the early 1800’s offered a huge new benefit for teachers: the ability to share drawings, writing and formulas with everyone in the classroom at the same time. Their use spread fairly quickly, given the speed of those times, and by the mid-1800’s blackboards had become standard equipment for classrooms throughout the United States. Just as this innovative breakthrough in the early 1800’s opened possibilities for new ways of teaching, today’s new technologies offer enormous benefits to educators and trainers, nearly eliminating barriers created by distance. These technologies enable communication and collaboration in a multitude of ways that catalyze creativity and learning, and leading companies are incorporating them into their blended learning programs to enhance their competitive edge.

Technologies offer companies the ability to capture, retain and disseminate knowledge in ways never before possible:

  • Water cooler exchanges with valuable nuggets of “best practice” information can be shared across the organization
  • People can have immediate access to training through formally produced, self-paced workshops tailored to address their needs, as well as to more generic, informal information through social media, Internet searches, and  videos that fill in gaps
  • Online and internal social networks offer discussion groups where people post questions and benefit from responses offered by co-workers and colleagues
  • Internal blogs and wikis encourage employees to share knowledge and add additional dimensions to organizational knowledge bases
  • Webinars offer convenient, inexpensive ways to gain real-time information, ask questions of experts, and enhance the value of face-to-face learning events through pre-and post-event sessions
  • 3D environments promote effective, experiential learning processes and interactive, interpersonal exchanges that catalyze learning and retention and strengthen connections.

Blended effectively, new technologies offer solutions that help us keep up with the explosion of knowledge and accelerating pace of change that are affecting businesses everywhere. To learn more, please join us at our presentation at the Virtual Edge Summit on January 9-11 in San Diego. Our presentation, “Blended Virtual Solutions to Enhance Training and Learning,” will be held on January 10 at 1:15pm. We hope to see you there!

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